Our History

EDC has worked with Stage Front for well over 25 years and highly recommends Stage Front to any architect, consultant, or end-user that is considering using their services.

– M. Ashley Paulk III, P.E., Vice President, Electrical Design Consultants

With 40+ years of audio-visual experience, we have an extensive portfolio of projects with a wide variety of significant industry partners.

Stage Front began operation in 1978, initially selling theatrical lighting to the entertainment industry. As the company developed its skill set and service offerings, we undertook the mission of serving architects, electrical contractors, and general contractors as a dependable design-build resource for technical presentation systems capable of consistently delivering solutions on-time and on-budget.

We continue to serve our partners in architecture and engineering, and have also developed classroom and corporate systems that we supply directly to end-user customers. Today, we enjoy a strong partnering position throughout the Southeast and have systems operating in 37 states plus Canada and Central America.

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Stage Front Executive Team

Our Mission

Stage Front will provide the highest quality systems-based solutions for presentation, training, education and entertainment. These solutions will be reliable and easy to use, and delivered in a timely, profitable, and well-organized manner.

Stage Front will employ qualified people who enjoy challenging work, clear responsibilities, above average benefits and compensation, active involvement in decisions that affect their positions, opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

Stage Front team members will share a high level of trust and mutual respect, and have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and excellent service.

Stage Front will contribute to our local community and be respected throughout our industry.

…no dealings with Stage Front have indicated anything other than competent, professional installations managed by capable field and office personnel.

-Steve McGrey, Senior Project Manager, KBR Building Group