Audio-Visual Design

With Stage Front, you don’t need two or three consultants.

Stage Front isn’t just an auditorium expert, or a video conferencing expert. We’re expert at the full spectrum of audio-visual design disciplines that are important in today’s integrated installations; filling gaps that often exist with more narrowly focused providers.


A successful project begins with a thorough understanding of your needs.  Our process includes these key activities to ensure the best outcome.

Needs Analysis

Every Stage Front project begins with understanding your application and challenges. We begin by working with stakeholders to understand the nature of their communication needs through a structured process of interviews, research and demonstration. This ensures that the final systems integrate seamlessly with your business operations.

Program Development

After a thorough needs analysis, we develop a formal program outlining the concept, functionality and budget of the desired system. In addition to the needs directly requested by the client, we identify and include features that reduce operating cost, ensure ease of use by non-experts, and enhance safety. From conference system design to smart classrooms, we design so that the system will perform at its best even in the hands of non-technical or casual users.


During the design process, we consult with all parties to ensure the designed systems complement the larger architectural design of a facility rather than working against it. With the expert use of building information modeling (BIM), 2D design, audio modeling, and lighting visualization, Stage Front responds with clear documentation to describe the solution and to coordinate design with other trades.

3D Audio-Visual Design
2D Design
 BIM Design
 Audio Modeling & Acoustical Analysis
 Lighting Visualization
 User Interface Design

“…Stage Front was our A/V consultant from start to finish. I have worked with others and would recommend Stage Front hands-down.”


-Damon Talley, Conferencing & Collaboration Lead, Harris Government Communications Systems Division