Our Design-Build Process

While we frequently supply isolated design or build services, customers increasingly turn to us for design-build solutions,

  • Our integrated systems are professional and easy to use. By designing control systems with a common user interface for all AV elements, we mask system complexity and simplify interaction. This provides users complete control without requiring extensive training or expertise.
  • Stage Front’s design-build approach is geared up for the fast track. In tight construction schedules, it’s not practical to finalize all design elements prior to building.
    Our design-build method enables us to identify all design parameters relative to budget pre-build, and to complete portions of design even as portions of build proceed.
  • Our processes translate into expedited execution and coordination, plus direct client savings. A design-
    build resource, we are a single point of contact for all AV efforts, eliminating the start-stop-start of design-bid-build.