Systems delivery with results that are on scope, on schedule, and on budget.

Our goal during your installation is to lever our industry experience to deliver expert programming, custom finishes, and improved user experience.

Stage Front’s Integration service offers our clients the ability to work with an experienced partner to install the systems that have been designed by us (or by others), otherwise known as the “build” portion of a project.

This service allows our clients the assurance that the systems installed are done so as specified. By utilizing Stage Front, our clients can leverage our extensive construction experience in completing their projects on-time and on-budget.


From our first contact with the client to the final training session, Stage Front tracks and manages each project with weekly reviews and project updates. We assign dedicated project managers to each project to ensure AV is being considered by the design and construction teams and to help coordinate infrastructure items with multiple vendors.


Once the design is approved, our cabling and mounting crews make sure that all infrastructure work is properly integrated into the building. By assembling, testing, burning in, and programming all practical components in our shop, we ensure an efficient installation when the systems reach your facility.


Next, is programming, alignment, and final adjustments. Stage Front’s factory-trained engineers field-adjust all systems for optimum performance and provide practical user interfaces that make operation simple.


Following final adjustments, a practical “cookbook” instruction is used for hands-on training of user personnel. Training includes a step-by-step functional review of the system features and concept. We review all maintenance procedures and schedules with your technical personnel.

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